Posted on Februar 13, 2012 by furmaster


The Mind Media Motor trilogy consists of 3 brand new interactive installations made by ///////////fur//// dealing with 3 big issues of our time in fur-like humorous ironic style:

POLITICAL CHANGE - the ////furer////:  is a universal speech reciter. Up to 7 speeches of the worlds history most evil despots, important political and religious leaders, charismatics Gurus and unscrupulous Dictators can be uploaded to the installation and will be recited by this palm-sized puppet with lip-synched voice output and hand gesture.

Where ever there is political change there was somebody who raised up his voice to spread out his ideas for a better future. Of course this ideas could be worthy but also evil for other people. But it is always the spoken word and the manner how this words are performed which makes the difference.

Charismatic speakers can easily manipulate someones mind having good or bad intentions. There are many many examples in history and presence … to be continued.

SOCIAL CHANGE - facebox is the world’s smallest social network, a cosy two person chat room for people who are being shirty and pissed of the “social network kraken”. Just plug in your head into this machine, find one friend and everything will be fine … all your dreams will come true.

Friends: How many of them do you have? On facebook the „how many“ seems to be more important then the „who“. For some facebook users the amount of friends seems to be an indicator of their own popularity. But how can you have a deep relationship with hundreds of friends? It‘s just impossible!

Social interaction has been changed a lot since social networks are so popular. The term “friend” got a new dimenson. To have a friend is not the same like in former times. Suddenly we are friended with people we never met in person before. To be friended with someone is now just one click away. This brings a new quality into the denotation “friend”.

CLIMATE CHANGE - BIG BLOCK is an interactive engine simulator. A real turning model of “the” american V8 engine: a 427 chevy big block: 427 cubic inches (7,0 l); 435 horse power; 8 cylinders which can be revved up to the max by pushing a gas pedal. Get the kick of the true to the orignal roaring sound of this gas sucking monster. You won’t stop until your head is exploding, the exhaust will make you unconscious or … you run out of gas !

The installation BIG BLOCK is an ironic statement could be presented in a museum for extincted motors like extincted dinosaurs nowadays but also as a self test if you maybe still feel atracted to overpowered macho cars.

In spite of the fact that the climate change is already there the states of this world (and finally the people itself) are not seriously willing to make a courageously change to reduce the worldwide CO2 emission. Energy-wasting life style and the protection of the environment seems to be difficult to reconcile. So take a look to your self and check out what could be your contribution to safe the world.