AMAZING – voice controlled maze game

Posted on Mai 9, 2012 by furmaster

Amazing is a tiltable labyrinth table game for two players which is controled by the pitch of your voice. Both players have to use their voices ( uuuuhhhhhh ) and find the right pitch to let the billard ball follow the pacour. But take care: avoid the holes in the table otherwise you have to start again from the begining.

Three main aspects of this work:

Team play: Every player controls one axis of the table that means just with a good team play the ball will reach the goal. Voice training: Learn to control the sound and the pitch of your voice. Physics: Explore the natural phenomen called gravity on a inclined survace.

Made during the Kishima Artis in Residency 2012. Beppu, Japan. Thanks to Beppu Project

photo no1:Takashi Kubo/(C)BEPPU PROJECT